VL (Vibe Lebanon) was established in 1998 as the region’s first full-fledged online radio station, an early adopter and expert in online audio content delivery through live and one demand streaming; the entity evolved in 2006 into an independent record label called ‘VL Records’, releasing culturally diverse electronic music from up and coming local and regional artists, mainly through online music distribution.

  • With more than 168 releases to date, VL Records helped launch several talented artists into the digital music distribution world, by producing them, and creating tailored promotional and distribution strategies.
  • VL Records releases have been licensed to major worldwide players in the industry like ‘Armada Music’, ‘Get Physical’ and ‘Georges V records’.
  • VL entity is an early adopter and innovator in the fields of podcasting, live streaming and on-demand audio streaming, adapted to the challenges created by the poor internet connectivity of part of the listener base in Lebanon.
  • VL provides advisory services in live streaming for several local venues such as Graffiti (Hamra) and Radio Beirut (Mar Mikhael).